When looking for a designer to undertake your project you may be torn between Freelancer vs Design agency. This is why you should choose a Freelance Designer…

Better value for money.

Freelancers will charge much lower rates than a design agency. They have lower overheads and this saving is passed onto the client, without compromising on standards.

On demand.

A huge benefit of using a freelancer is the ability to use them as and when you need to. This is particularly useful for companies who need someone to undertake ad hoc work and it eliminates the commitment of taking on an employee.

Any project, big or small.

Collaborating with other creatives allows freelancers to carry out bigger projects. Any part of a project which requires a skill set they don’t have, can be carried out by the people they collaborate with; so if your brochure needs some amazing photography, or you’d like to add Augmented Reality to your company’s advertising poster, a Freelancer can organise it all. And small projects are just as important too.

Direct, personal communication.

You are directly dealing with the person working on your project from start to finish, and they know everything about it. They know you and your brand inside out.

You choose the designer.

You’ve seen the portfolio, met the designer and like what you see. And what you see is what you get. Not being passed from person to person with varying skill sets, without full knowledge of your project. And those glowing testimonials you have read about the freelancer, are solely about them and what the work they have produced.

Finally you as a client are important to them, as your work represents them personally, and it’s in their interest to produce the best job, at the highest quality.

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